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AvianAds.com was put online as a resource for bird owners and prospective bird owners so they can find bird breeders, vendors for bird cages & enclosures, bird food & nutrition, bird toys & gyms, and also bird healthcare. Bird vendors can make use of this resource by advertising their goods and services here on avianads.com for prospective purchasers to use in making their purchasing decisions. For a one-time fee of just $9.95 you can have your listing enhanced with more information including your contact and web information. This will also put your information into The Bird Directory.

Why was this web site put online?

After our cockatiel member of our family started showing signs of age and disease we discovered not only a wonderful bird clinic in our town but we also found information about birds and avian issues in general to be widely dispersed throughout the internet. So we started gathering materials and placing them here online for bird owners and also for providers of avian goods and services.

Birds Of A Feather

Read this delightful story about bird adoption from the the bird's own perspective. Available on Smashwords.com using this link information: latest bird books.



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