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If your avian based enterprise is listed here in our publication named The Bird Directory then we thank you for your efforts in providing quality birds, goods, and services for the avian industry. The initial setup of our avian directory was made using the basic contact information culled from Internet searches as well as information received from printed materials available at local and regional bird shows and other avian events.

If you found your information in the current issue of The Bird Directory and it is in the basic format you can have it updated to whatever information you can have it updated for a one-time fee of just $7.95(USD)! You will have a hard time finding another offer like this on the Internet and it is highly doubtful that you will ever see rates like this for a printed bird directory

If you would like to expand your listing here on then please contact us using the ‘contact’ link on the bottom of any of our pages (or use this link).

You will find the enhancement to your listing a worthwhile investment, especially in these tough economic times. For a one-time price of only $7.95(USD) you can have an enhanced listing, if you ever need to change or modify your listing then you can do so at the low rate of just $3.95(USD) per session. The Bird Directory will be re-published every 30 days as long as there are changes made to it. If no changes are made for that month then it will not be updated as there would be no reason to update it.