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Advertising is a necessary evil in any business, especially in some of the country’s mom-and-pop (cottage industry) operations. With the high shipping costs and government regulations, there’s enough drain on a small business. And here you are on another website asking you to pay to advertise on the [] website and The Bird Directory (popular eBook).

We ask for a small fee to advertise here on  []  and The Bird Directory, but the costs are minimal compared to many other media outlets. So, why not take a little time to fill out the form below, and we’ll send you more information about advertising on our website and directory?

One note before you begin to fill out the form. No one detests SPAM more than we do. We had to install security software into our website code to prevent spammers from harvesting our contact email address. Using a form instead of a handy on-screen link is yet another security device we use to guard our email addresses. As for the information you provide in the form, NONE is stored, shared, sold, loaned, or otherwise exposed.

So, give us a try. Fill out the form, and we’ll send you more information about our avian-based advertising services.